Training Process

Pawsitive Pawsibilities seeks to maximize the benefit each dog brings to his or her new owner. In order to do this, we begin the search for the dog after we agree to help the participant. This allows us to seek a dog of specific size, breed and personality to be a perfect match for his new job. Likewise, we choose a trainer that can work with each individual dog and human team. In other words, instead of just matching a dog to a recipient, we assemble and create a "positive" team!

Pawsitive Pawsibilities has worked with a variety of trainers. ProTeams in San Marcos, CA trained Tabitha's personal service dog, Sunny. They specialize in training mobility assistance dogs as well as a variety of other obedience functions. Sunny "holds Tabitha's hand" all day, helping her to balance and walk independently, without assistance. He can also retrieve her homework off her printer or help her pick up her clothes or keys. His devotion over the last 5 years as granted her independence and helped her dramatically improve her strength.

Another young participant received a Labradoodle, Toby. This breed is known for their dedication and focus on their person. Toby was custom trained by ComuniCanine, in Sandy UT. He provides mobility assistance and a variety of behaviors that help this child and his family deal with the challenges of autism. By choosing a local trainer, this family is able to have continued follow up as their needs change and various challenges present themselves. This mom said she believed the dog had his job all figured out well before her young son learned what his new helpmate was for.

Pawsitive Pawsibilites has also paired with non-profits in the past and provided the funds for our recipients to pay the placement fees, which can be unattainable to families which are dealing with chronic illnesses. Our small size has allowed us to be flexible as we seek to match our participants with the best dog for them. Our flexibility allows us to maximize the use of our funds; 100% of donated funds are used to acquire and train our dogs. All administrative services are donated.